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Ernest Pratt

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Ernest Pratt is a forensic and a visual artist who made significant contributions to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and indeed the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Ernest was born in Conch Sound, North Andros on August 1st 1974. He remained there as he grew up and was educated at the Conch Sound Primary School, then on to the North Andros High School where he graduated as Head Boy in 1991. He is the 15th of 16 children born to William and Minerva Pratt

Ernest joined the ranks of the Royal Bahamas Police Force on April 10th 1995 badge number 2421. He was first stationed in the Police Band for three years before being transferred to the Central Detective Unit in 1999 and eventually became the Bahamas’ first Forensic Sketch artist. He was first initially trained at Miami Dade Police Dept. under Detective Charles Holt and Dr. Robert George (Professor, Florida International University) He later received training at several other institutions throughout the Florida area and later became a member of the F.D.I.A.I (Florida Division of the International Association for Identification) In 2001 he received advanced training in Forensic Art and Imaging at the F.B.I (Federal Breuer of Investigation) Academy, Quantico VA.

In October 2004, Ernest enrolled at the Ai Miami International University of Arts & Design, Miami Florida where he studied Visual Art. It was at this institution he learned the patience and techniques that molded him into the artist he is today. One of his philosophies is “Fine art requires one to be inspired by shape, texture and form. To create a masterpiece, you must become one with the model and pay close attention to every detail it reveals to you. Let the image speak to you as you translate the message to the world.”  While at the University, Ernest conducted numerous lectures on forensic art and its advantages to his peers. The relationship between fine art and forensic art is a beautiful marriage where one needs the other to succeed. His work in visual art is displayed in the halls of the University and one of his paintings was selected to display the school’s talent in one of their Botanical Gardens brochures.

Ernest graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. He also received numerous accolades including the academic achievement award and being inducted in the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society. Later that year, he returned home to the Bahamas and resumed his work on the police force while using his talent and expertise to assist with the enhancement and training of his other two colleagues.

Today, Ernest’s art work is not only presented in court as he assists investigations to secure convictions of criminal offenders but it is being displayed in art exhibitions  and homes throughout the Bahamas; from personal portraits to graphite drawings depicting the Bahamian way of life. He is also very proficient in oil painting, photography and sculpture. In 2009 he formed a company called Nespra Art which encompasses Niss Photography. To him the camera is just another medium to introduce art in its true and purest form, to reflect nature and ourselves along with our accomplishments and our struggles.

On June 10th 2010 Ernest married his college sweet heart Kimberly (nee) Wadley in Miami Florida. He is the father of one daughter Ernica and one son Javier (non-biological). He continues to leave his foot print is the sand of Bahamian history as he embarks on leaving a legacy to inspire other young persons to aspire for greatness; the greatest failure is to not try at all.