Crazy Charlie

Kurtz Ritchie

Kurtz Michael Ritchie


With over 25 years of professional experience with producing drawings, and paintings, my artistic journey began at the age 9. I was born May 18, 1965 in Nassau, Bahamas, to Sybil and Kenneth Ritchie. I attended Our Lady’s primary school and Saint Augustine’s College High school. I continue to produce oil paintings for commission requests. My paintings include seascapes and landscapes from all of the islands in the Bahamas. I am also an avid photographer, as this also plays a key role in my development as an artist.



(1) Participant in the first Bahamian FinCo Summer Art Workshop in 1980, and was tutored by many Bahamian Art greats, such as Maxwell Taylor, Stan Burnside, and the late Brent Malone.

(2) Many of my paintings reside in private collections in the Bahamas and abroad, and in particular The Central Bank of The Bahamas.

(3) In 1989, I completed An Associate’s degree in Architecture and Art at the College of the Bahamas. Additionally I received numerous awards and won many art competitions.

(4) In 1990, I completed a commission for the Red Cross Christmas greeting card. Five 8’X16’ murals were completed by me for the first ‘Bahamas Games’ and placed on the walls of the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center.

(5) 1992, I released a limited edition print and held an exhibition in recognition of The Bahamas’ Quincentenial celebrations in honor of the 500 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ Landfall in the Bahamas.

(6) 1993 – Present, I held Five One-man exhibitions and continued to produce favorite ‘oil on canvas’ Bahamian scene paintings, in addition to commissioned artworks.